Season 4 Trailer Downton Abbey

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Let’s call the Season 4 Trailer of Downton Abbey “Dancing, Kissing, Crying, Fighting”

The reaction to Season 4 of Downton Abbey Season Four is positive. The Telegraph newspaper gave the Downton Premiere a five star rating, saying the episode marks a return to the splendor of Season One of Downton Abbey.

What is revealed on the premiere of Downton?

The first episode of Season 4 is set in 1922, six months after Matthew’s death. Part of the episode is set on Valentine’s day, obviously not a cheerful holiday for Lady Mary. Baby George and Mary have some trouble bonding. All Mary can see is Matthew when she looks at her wee one. The baby is played by identical twin actors, Logan and Cole Weston.

Michelle Dockery has assured viewers that despite the identical widow status of Branson and Lady Mary, there will not be a love connection, but they will run the estate of Downton together. In the romance department, we can probably expect new character Lord Gillingham to court Mary.

At Downton Abbey Online, we’re really hoping beleaguered Lady Edith will experience more exciting times in Season 4. Edith spends more time in London with her smitten editor. According to actor Laura Carmichael, Edith finds her inner Carrie Bradshaw this season. Woot woot!

Down below, the kitchen is abuzz with a modern electric food mixer. Whatever will Daisy and Mrs. Patmore do with all the extra free time? And actress Phyllis Logan who plays Mrs. Hughes says there is no impending romance between Carson and herself.