Downton Abbey Season 2 Episode 7

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Set in 1919…

Sybil and Branson Elope

Caught in the act... of eloping!

The war is over and Downton Abbey is no longer a hospital. Matthew starts feeling tingling in his legs, so there may be hope for him after all. It’s back on with Lavinia even though Violet tells him he’s marrying the wrong woman. The happy couple plan to wed at Downton. Sybil elopes with Branson but Mary stops the madness and brings them back to Downton Abbey. Sir Richard tries to enlist the help of Anna to spy on Mary but she refuses. When Anna tells Carson and Mrs Hughes, Carson no longer wants to work for Sir Richard.

Lord Grantham kisses Jane

Oh no you didn't!!

With the help of Mrs Hughes, Ethel meets up with Mr and Mr Bryant. The Major’s mother is sympathetic but Mr Byrant accuses Ethel of fraud because she has no proof of paternity. A disillusioned Robert kisses the new maid Jane, but quickly apologizes for his actions. Vera died by poison and Bates may be implicated in her death. Thomas is out of work and dabbles in the black market but loses it all when he’s cheated by his supplier.