Downton Abbey Season 2 Episode 6

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Set in November 1918…

Patrick Crawley

The mysterious amnesiac Canadian Parick Crawley

The war is winding down. A mysterious burn victim arrives at Downton Abbey claiming to be Patrick Crawley, the rightful heir to Downton Abbey. He supposedly died on the Titanic but says he only suffered amnesia. Is he the real thing or an impostor – with a Canadian accent and a new name? Edith and Patrick share cozy moments, but this mysterious gentleman departs Downton with only Edith believing his true identity. Lady Sybil and Branson start making plans to run off…

Sir Richard and Carson

Sir Richard tries to poach Carson the butler

Daisy is reluctant to accept Williams’ widow’s pension because she feels bad about the circumstances of the marriage. The Crawleys appeal to Major Bryant, the father of Ethel’s bastard son, but learn the Major was killed in the war. Carlisle and Mary plan to buy Haxby estate and Carlisle tries to poach Carson the butler. Sir Richard is fed up with Mary’s devotion to invalid Matthew and says she better be loyal or he will expose her Turkish secret. Vera is causing trouble again and Mr Bates returns from a meeting in London with a cut on his face. The next day Vera is dead.