Downton Abbey Season 2 Episode 5

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Set in August 1918…

Lavinia Swires and Matthew

Lavinia stands by her man.

Back at the war, both Matthew and William are gravely injured and returned to Downton Abbey. Countess Violet fights to ensure William can die at Downton Abbey even though he is not an officer. William is brought to Downton and marries Daisy before he dies. Matthew is told he won’t walk again because he’s paralyzed from the waist down. And impotent! Knowing he will never walk or bear children, he tries to cut Lavinia loose. Lady Mary plays his faithful nurse.

Major Bryant deserts Ethel and the baby. Mrs Hughes makes sure Ethel is looked after in a cottage on the estate. A comely war widow called Jane replaces Ethel. Evil Vera Bates returns, inheritance spent and no intention of sticking to the divorce arrangement. Instead, she threatens to sell Mary’s scandalous story to Carlisle’s newspaper. Mary visits Sir Richard and tells him everything after learning Vera’s evil plan from Anna. Sir Richard threatens Vera with libel action. And now Sir Richard has something to hold over Mary’s head.

Lady Mary and Sir Richard

Lady Mary spills her guts to Sir Richard


Quotes from Downton Abbey Season 2 Episode 5

Reverend Travis: This boy is in extremis. How can we know that these are his true wishes? Maybe the kitchenmaid somehow hopes to catch at an advantage.
Violet Grantham: What advantage would that be?
Reverend Travis: Some widow’s dole given by a grateful nation.
Violet Grantham: Mr Travis, may I remind you? William Mason has served our family well. At the last he saved the life, if not the health, of my son’s heir. Now he wishes, before he dies, to marry his sweetheart.
Reverend Travis: Yes, but…
Violet Grantham: You cannot imagine that we would allow you to prevent this happening in case his widow claimed her dole?
Reverend Travis: No, but…
Violet Grantham: I have had an interest in this boy. I tried, and failed, to save him from conscription, but I will certainly attend his wedding. Is that an argument in its favour?
Reverend Travis: Of course, but…
Violet Grantham: Finally I would point out, your living is in Lord Grantham’s gift. Your house is on Lord Grantham’s land and the very flowers in your church are from Lord Grantham’s garden. I hope it is not vulgar in me to suggest that you find some way to overcome your scruples.

William and Daisy, Downton Abbey

A reluctant Daisy eventually ties the knot with William

Violet Grantham: It always happens when you give these little people power, it goes to their heads like strong drink.
Violet Grantham: [on telephone] Is this an instrument of communication or torture?
Violet Grantham: You see, sometimes we must let the blow fall by degrees. Give him time to find the strength to face it.
Lady Sybil: May I stay to settle him in?
Dr. Clarkson: Very well.
Lady Mary: I want to help too.
Dr. Clarkson: Lady Mary, I appreciate your good intentions but I’m concerned that Captain Crawley’s condition may be very distressing for you. Might I suggest that you hang back until the nurses have tidied him up a little?
Lady Mary: I’m not much good at hanging back I’m afraid. I won’t get in your way I promise. But I will stay. You have volunteers don’t you? Well, that’s what I am. A volunteer.
Lady Sybil: I should wash him. This bit can be grim. Sometimes we have to cut off the clothes they’ve travelled in and there’s bound to be a lot of blood.
Lady Mary: How hot should the water be?
Lady Sybil: Warm more than hot.