Downton Abbey Season 2 Episode 3

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Set in July 1917…

Mr Bates working in a pub

Bates slinging drinks down at the local pub

Downton Abbey has turned into a hospital for convalescent officers and chaos reigns upstairs and down. Cora and Isobel battle for control until O’Brien convinces Cora to put Thomas in charge. Ethel works as an auxiliary nurse and enjoys the attention from the officers, one in particular called Major Bright. Branson intends to be a conscientious objector of the war, but a medical condition prevents him from even qualifying to fight, let alone object. William is off to the trenches and proposes to Daisy on his way. She’s still reluctant to say yes but a few words from Mrs Patmore change her mind. Anna discovers Bates working at a local pub. He’s discovered Vera’s infidelity and believes he can now get a divorce. Violet and Rosamund corner Lavinia and learn what Sir Richard is holding over her head. The engagement is still on…

Lady Edith

Lady Edith gets some attention from the officers


Quotes from Downton Abbey Season 2 Episode 3

Lavinia Swire: This room is so pretty. Has this house always been the Painswick’s London home?
Countess Violet: There’s no ‘always’ with the Painswicks, my dear. They were invented from scratch by my son-in-law’s grandfather.
Lady Rosamund Painswick: We bought the house when we were married.
Lavinia Swire: You make Mr. Painswick sound rather a rough diamond, Lady Grantham.
Lady Rosamund Painswick: Marmaduke wasn’t a rough diamond was he, mama?
Countess Violet: No. He was just cut and polished comparatively recently.
Countess Violet: Good. If anyone is to be in charge let it be our creature.
Isobel Crawley: Why. Are you planning to divide his loyalties?
Countess Violet: I wouldn’t say I was planning on it.
Cora: You take over every room in the house, you bark at me like a sergeant major and you give orders to my servants.
Robert Crawley: Now I think perhaps I should make one thing clear. Downton is our house and our home and we will welcome in it any friends or relations we choose and if you do not care to accept that condition then I suggest you give orders for the nurses and the patients and the beds and the rest of it to be packed up and shipped out at once.
Isobel: Who is that man? I hope he’s not complaining.
Lady Edith: Oh no. That’s Captain Smiley. He hasn’t an unkind bone in his body.
Cora: What on earth’s that about?
Lady Edith: Don’t worry. Major Holmes can be a little waspish but he wouldn’t want to get us into trouble.
Cora: How do you know so much about a pack of strangers?
Lady Edith: They’re not strangers to me.
Ethel Parks: Did you say you were the manager or the referee?
Isobel: One more thing. The dog. What can we do to stop Isis from getting into the patients bedrooms?
Robert: I can answer that. Absolutely nothing.
Matthew Crawley: I didn’t imagine you as Florence Nightingale.
Lady Mary: We can’t leave all the moral high ground to Sybil, she might get lonely there.
Matthew Crawley: Mother does love a bit of authority. I suppose she’s driving cousin Cora mad.
Lady Mary: No names, no pack drill.