Downton Abbey Season 2 Episode 2

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Set in April 1917…

Matthew ans Sir Richard meet

Mary's suitors mingle...

Matthew returns to England again. Bates is still away and timid Mr. Molesley makes a play for Anna, but she tells him Bates is the only man for her. Robert gets a shaky new butler who suffers from shell shock. William joins the war effort. In an attempt to be helpful, odd duck Lady Edith learns to drive a tractor and starts working on a local farm. She proves to be up to the task, but ends up getting frisky with the married farmer. The farmer’s wife sees the kiss and Lady Edith’s services are no longer required. Thomas returns to England and starts work with Sybil in the local hospital.

The hospital expands into Downton Abbey after a young soldier commits suicide after leaving the hospital because there’s no space for him. Violet is against turning Downton into a convalescent ward to ease the bed shortage. Mrs. Patmore gets bad news about her nephew. Mary invites newspaper tycoon and prospective suitor Sir Richard Carlisle to dinner. The Crawleys and Lavinia also attend. Violet is suspicious of Carlisle and invites Lady Rosamund to dinner. Rosamund is surpassed to learn that Sir Richard and Lavinia are already acquainted. Carson is ill during dinner. Mary visits him later and says he can see that Matthew is the man for Mary.

Shell shocked Henry Lang

Lord Grantham's shell shocked butler has a nightmare


Quotes from Downton Abbey Season 2 Episode 2

Violet Grantham: But if there are relapses. What then? Amputation in the dining room? Resuscitation in the pantry?
Cora: It would certainly be the most tremendous disturbance. If you knew how chaotic things are as it is.
Isobel Crawley: But when there’s so much good can be done.
Violet Grantham: I forbid it! To have strange men prodding and prying around the house. To say nothing of pocketing the spoons. It’s out of the question.
Cora: I hesitate to remind you, but this is my house now – Robert’s and mine. We will make the decision.
Violet Grantham: Oh, I see. So now I’m an outsider… who need not be consulted.
Cora: Since you put it like that, yes.

Sir Richard Carlisle: I want you to marry me.
Lady Mary: Why?
Sir Richard Carlisle: Because I think very highly of you.
Lady Mary: Very highly. Goodness.
Sir Richard Carlisle: I mean it. I think we’d do well together. We could be a good team.
Lady Mary: Now that sounds better. But I can’t help thinking that tradition demands a *little* mention of love.
Sir Richard Carlisle: Oh I can talk about “love” and “moon” and “June” and all the rest of it if you wish. But we’re more than that. We’re strong and sharp, and we can build something worth having, you and I, if you’ll let us.
Lady Mary: Your proposal is improving by leaps and bounds. You must give me some time, but I promise to think about it – properly.
Sir Richard Carlisle: I’m counting on it.

Molesley: I understand that Mr Bates has gone… for good.
Anna: Yes, I believe that’s true.
Molesley: So I was hoping… we might be able to see a little more of each other.
Anna: Mr Molesley, I take this as a real compliment…
Molesley: But it’s not going to happen?
Anna: No. You see, if you had a child, and that child was taken from you, if the child was sent to the moon, there’d never be one day when they were out of your thoughts, nor one moment when you weren’t praying for their welfare, even if you knew you’d never see them again.
Molesley: That’s you and Mr Bates?
Anna: That’s me and Mr Bates. But thank you.

Thomas Barrow: All my life they’ve pushed me around just ’cause I’m different.