Downton Abbey Season 5 Episode 8

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Rose on her wedding day

Everyone is off to London for lovely Rose’s wedding! Lord Sinderby remains opposed to the union and calls Lady Rose a shiksa!

Marigold lives in the main house now. Robert can’t put his finger on the sense of deja vu the child inspires in him. He finally figures it out and tells Lady Cora that Marigold looks like Michael Gregson. Lord Grantham is finally in on one of the ladies’ secrets.

Grandpa Donk finally puts his finger on it!

The village gets ready to unveil the war memorial. Mrs Patmore says she won’t attend. Robert insists she attends because he has a thoughtful trick up his sleeve. Patmore’s nephew isn’t on the main memorial, but Robert’s created a plague on the wall off to the side. Mrs Patmore is well chuffed.

Finally some peace for Mrs Patmore

Prince Kuragin drops by on Violet while she’s still in bed. Prince Kuragin wants to spend his final years with Violet, as a friend, as a lover. The Countess is clearly overwhelmed and refuses to make a decision on the spot.

Countess Violet rides an emotional roller coaster

Spratt pulls a fast one and hides one of Violet’s suitcase in an attempt to get Denker in trouble, but nothing escapes the sharp eyes of Violet and Mrs. Denker. His plan is foiled and he retrieves the suitcase before the ladies leave for London.

Mrs Denker chases after the temporary footman in London and brings him to a seedy underground gambling parlour. She gets free drinks if she brings in punters. The footman loses all his money and Mrs Denker gets quite tipsy. Thomas has his eye on the footman too. Clever Barrow figures out what’s going on and wins back the footman’s money and gets even with Mrs Denker.

Lady Mary is heartbroken that Branson is leaving. Mary and Carson share one of the intimate moments we haven’t seen between them for many episodes.

Bates and Anna are destined to be surrounded by accusations of murder. The police and detectives interview Anna and Bates yet again. It turns out that Mr Green attacked other women in addition to Anna but they were too afraid to come forward until now. Anna does not come forward. Bates is ruled out a suspect because he’s too tall. Scotland Yard put Anna in a terrifying and dramatic police lineup in London. Later that night, Anna is arrested! What fresh hell is this for the Bates?

Rose’s miserable parents, Shrimpie and Susan Flintshire, arrive in London broke and nearly divorced. Susan seems almost as opposed to the marriage as Lord Sinderby. She concocts an evil plan and hires someone to take compromising photographs of Atticus at his stag party. Lady Rose is distraught when she receives the photos during lunch, but believes Atticus when he says it was a setup. Shrimpie knows what Susan did, but Rose doesn’t find out. In another attempt to foil the wedding, Susan Flintshire announces her upcoming divorce at Rose’s marriage blessing. Lord Sinderby is not amused.

Lord Merton isn’t at the wedding. Isobel can’t decide whether or not to fight for her Dickie, even though his sons don’t approve. Violet warns her that we don’t get many chances for happiness.

Daisy the Revolutionary wants to see the world!

Daisy, the revolutionary, realizes what she’s been missing in life and hands in her notice so she can find a job in London. Mrs Patmore is crushed. Daisy changes her mind and decides to finish her studies before any big moves.

Isis died sans drama. One minute she was going to sleep in Lord Grantham’s bed, the next she’s getting a tombstone made. We weren’t privy to what happened in between.

Quotes from Downton Abbey Season 5 Episode 8

Mrs. Patmore: There will be no permanent housekeeper at Grantham House in the future. Another clang in the march of time.

Countess Violet: Though love may not conquer all, it can conquer quite a lot.

Prince Kuragin: I wish to spend my final years with you. As a friend. As a lover. I don’t seek scandal. Only love.

Lady Mary: Why does she have to carry on as though she invented motherhood.

Daisy: London is full of possibilities. Sometimes I think my life has no possibilities at all. I feel as if I’ve been down a coal-hole and someone’s opened a lid and brought me into the sunlight

Lord Sinderby: Divorce signifies weakness, degradation, scandal, failure.

Countess Violet: My dear, love is a far more dangerous motive than dislike.

Lady Mary: Our household is breaking up… People grow up, and move away, and things change.