Downton Abbey Season 5 Episode 6

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A telegram at breakfast, just like the old days

A telegram arrives for Lady Edith. Our worst fears are confirmed: Michael Gregson was killed by Hitler’s gang of thugs. Edith inherits her lover’s publishing company. Naturally she is very upset, but Lady Mary is especially heartless. Lady Edith decides to leave Downton Abbey with Marigold. Mrs Drewe is distraught, but lets her go. Mr Drewe is going to be in for it after his long term deceit.

Mrs Drewe lets Marigold go

Does Carson want to spend the rest of his life with Mrs Hughes?

Mrs Patmore buys a cottage. Carson and Mrs Hughes go with Patmore for the final viewing of the property. While there, Carson talks to Mrs Hughes about retirement. Later on, we have to wonder whether we witnessed a marriage proposal or a business venture when Carson suggests himself and Mrs Hughes buy a property together and share the rental income.

Countess Violet has a new maid, Denker. Friction between Spratt and the new maid ensues over the issue of Violet’s delicates.

Deja vue of Lady Sybil's pants

Lady Mary’s suitors Charles and Tony come for the horse race at Downton. Lady Mary wants to let them know what they’re missing, so she gets her hair cut by a fake French hairdresser. The big reveal before dinner is shades of Sybil’s pants.

Thomas continues to haunt Downton, growing more and more vampirish. He asks Baxter for help and she takes him off to the doctor. Dr Clarkson knows the truth about Thomas Barrow’s ‘affliction’, but tells Barrow he’s been injecting himself with saline using a dirty needle. Dr. Clarkson presumably treats the infection and offers Barrow some advice.

Is Bates innocent?

Bates finds Anna’s secret box containing the mysterious contraception device and the famous book, “Married Love” by Dr. Marie Carmichael Stopes. He confronts Anna, thinking she doesn’t want to get impregnated by a murderer. Bates confesses his innocence, saying he wanted to murder Mr Green, but didn’t. It all boils down to the ticket Lady Mary destroyed, the ticket that proves his innocence. If he is really innocent.

Indeed, Countess Violet has a steamy past

Violet visits Prince Kuragin with news that the princess may still be alive. Prince Kuragin makes Violet a cup of tea that she doesn’t drink and they share a very intimate conversation while the new maid Danker waits outside.

Scotland Yard visits again, to talk to Baxter this time. They know about her past and so does Mrs. Hughes now. Thomas Barrow sent a letter to Scotland Yard to let them know that Baxter has information about Green’s murder.

Molesley is Daisy's new mentor

Daisy’s studies the war of the Spanish succession. Turns out Molesley is a history buff and lends her a book from his prized collection. Molesley confides he wanted to be a teacher, but family finances prevented it. A meeting of the minds occurs between the two.

Cora says enough is enough, now get back to bed Robert!

Marital relations remain very frosty between Lady Cora and Lord Grantham. He’s not sure he believes Bricker’s claims that he was an uninvited guest to Lady Cora’s chambers. Lady Cora lays down the law, forcing Lord Grantham to remember his own marital improprieties, the kiss with the maid. Lord Grantham moves back into the bedroom.

We hope tv dog years are longer than regular dog years. Oh Isis!

And oh dear, Isis is listless. If one does the math, it seems Isis has been around a long time… We hope she remains around longer.

Atticus is back on the scene and visits Downton Abbey. His parents are coming for dinner.

Mabel Lane Fox surprises Tony Gillingham at the Downton horse race and Charles’ plan seems to be working.

Quotes from Downton Abbey Season 5 Episode 6

Lady Mary: He was a nice man… Though what he saw in Edith?

Countess Violet: I hope your standards are not so high as to prevent you from remaining in my employment Denker

Prince Kuragin: I wanted you from the moment I first saw you. More than mortal man ever wanted a woman.
Countess Violet: That is an historical detail.

Prince Kuragin: You think to be unhappy in a marriage is ill bred.

Countess Violet: We all pander to Spratt in this house. He rules us with a rod of iron.

Lady Cora: if you can honestly say you have never let a flirtation get out of hand since we married, never given a woman the wrong impression, by all means stay away. Otherwise, I expect you back in my room tonight.

Fake French hairdresser: At least she can carry it off. Most of them look like bald monkeys.

Dr. Clarkson: My advice to you Thomas, would be to accept the burden that chance has seen fit to lay upon you. And to fashion as good a life as you’re able. Remember, harsh reality is always better than false hope.

Countess Violet (to Lady Mary): Oh, it is you. I thought it was a man wearing your clothes.

Lady Edith: I’m just amazed that even you would choose the day after I learn the man I love is dead to try out a new fashion.

Countess Violet: All this endless thinking, it’s very overrated… I blame the war. Before 1914, nobody thought about anything at all.

Anna: I gave away the proof of my husband’s innocence.

Mabel Lane Fox: Why turn up looking like a cross between a Vogue fashion plate and a case of dynamite?

Violet: There’s always something isn’t there?