Downton Abbey Season 5 Episode 4

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Prince Kuragin and the starving Russians have set up shop in a crypt

Rose’s Russians can’t afford food and have holes in their clothes. Violet and Isobel pay Rose and her Russians a surprise visit to the basement crypt housing the Russians, nice and gloomy. Prince Kuragin still harbours a great deal of admiration for Countess Violet, but it appears he lost his Russian princess somewhere along the way. In a candid moment between Violet and Isobel, Violet confides that the prince asked Violet to run away with him back in the day. Violet saw sense when Lord Grantham Senior gave her a Faberge framed photo of the children. Violet feels she owes Prince Kuragin and enlists the help of Shrimpie to find the princess.

Thomas returns from London, pale as a vampire. Baxter catches him crying, locked away with some mysterious device. Barrow is wearing a flesh coloured glove on his old war injury (when he got his hand shot to get out of the war).

Rose’s father Shrimpie returns to England from Bombay to announce his divorce.

Isis takes a stroll in the village with Lady Mary and Lord Grantham

Branson, Lady Mary and Lord Grantham meet with the man about building the houses, but Robert has a better idea in mind: he wants to build his own houses. Robert says: “We will build. We will even make money for the estate. But we won’t destroy what people love about this place.”

Lord Merton drops by on Isobel and proposes marriage. She is chuffed at his romantic proposal and promises to think about it.

Isobel is shocked by Lord Merton's romantic proposal

There’s news from Germany about Michael Gregson’s attackers, the brown shirted gang of thugs. Edith continues to drop by on the Drewes and Mrs. Drewe isn’t taking to kindly to Edith who feels she’s unsettling the child.

Lord Grantham consoles Edith about what is likely to be bad news concerning Michael Gregson

Mrs Patmore acts strangely when she bumps into Lord Grantham in the village. Lord Grantham asks Carson about the matter and arranges to see Mrs. Patmore. She pleads her case to Lord Grantham: her nephew Archie was as valiant a soldier as any of them. Lord Grantham agrees, but doesn’t feel he can help her. Daisy, with her new revolutionary learning via Miss Bunting, says they should write a letter to the war office and protest. Mrs Patmore agrees.

Mrs Patmore pleads her case to Lord Grantham

Revolutionary Miss Bunting comes to dinner and Robert finally loses his composure at dinner.

Lord Grantham isn't the only one who finds Miss Bunting tedious, ahem...

Mr Bricker returns to Downton and Lord Grantham is none too pleased about it. Alone with Lady Cora, Mr. Bricker states his deep appreciation of Downton’s beauty and that of its mistress.

While delivering a note to Lord Gillingham, Anna takes a side trip to the scene of the crime, the spot in Picadilly where Mr. Green was murdered. A plain clothes policeman sees her. The inspector returns to Downton with more questions, this time about Anna’s relationship with Mr Green. Is a confession on its way?

Mr Molesley is a bit miffed that he’s kept so busy in his role as first footman.

Lord Gillingham asks if he's a bad lover?

Lady Mary’s visits London to see a dress show with Rosamind and to break Lord Gillingham’s heart. Charles Blake is at the fashion show and invites Lady Mary for dinner. Rosamind and Lady Mary discuss Edith’s interest in the Drewe child. Tony Gillingham doesn’t accept Mary’s rejection and vows they will work through it.

Quotes from Downton Abbey Season 5 Episode 4

Lady Mary: Honestly Papa, every time you challenge Tom you sound much more unreasonable than he is.

Countess Violet: Hope is a tease, designed to prevent us accepting reality.
Isobel: You only say that to sound clever
Countess Violet: I know, you should try it.

Anna: I just wish we could all forget about Mr. Green.

Countess Violet: Like all English men of his type, he hid his qualities beneath a thick blanket of convention so I didn’t see who he really was at first.

Mrs. Patmore (about Daisy): Mathematics is one thing, she’s studying to be a revolutionary now.

Lord Merton: I state freely and proudly Isobel, that I’ve fallen in love with you. And I want to spend what remains of my life in your company. I believe I could make you happy. I should very much like the chance to try.

From the London fashion show

Charles Blake (to Lady Mary): I wish I could work you out.

Lord Gillingham: Am I a bad lover? Is that what you’re trying to tell me?

Countess Violet: I never take sides in a broken marriage… because however much the couple may strive to be honest, no one is ever in possession of the facts.

Daisy: You wanted to be First Footman. What did you think? That you’d spend all day with your feet up?

Lord Grantham: No one can say you’re not appreciative Mr. Bricker.

Lord Grantham: I don’t see that you were much better, flirting and twinkling with that ghastly travelling salesman.

Countess Violet: I won’t take sides, it’s true. But I don’t think I could ever be described as neutral.