Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 7

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A telegram arrives to Downton, just like the old days when important and mysterious notes arrived daily. Lord Grantham is off to America to bail out Cora’s brother. The family believes Robert’s Earl status will lend credibility to his brother in law’s case.

Lord Grantham visits America

Lord Grantham leaves to visit America

Bates doesn’t want to go to America and leave Anna alone. Mrs Hughes enlists Mary’s help and divulges what’s happened. Mary convinces Robert to let Thomas could go instead so he can enjoy the view of handsome stewards strutting down the boat deck. Mary wants to help Anna, but Anna won’t talk about it.

Lady Mary Downton Abbey

Lady Mary is 'in the know' about Anna

Mr Blake and Evelyn Napier remain at Downton working on their government report about big estates. Tensions escalate between Mary and Mr Blake when he calls Mary ‘aloof’. She’s getting tired of Mr Blake’s cold shoulder. Evelyn Napier also has feelings for Mary but will he play second fiddle again like when he brought the Turk to town.

Evelyn Napier sort of reveals his feelings for the ever popular Mary

The long awaited pigs arrive to Downton. The pigs are a diversifying strategy to keep Downton financially viable. Mr Blake and Mary agree to walk down together to see the pigs. When they arrive, the pigs are dangerously dehydrated because they’ve knocked over their water trough. Mr Blake and Mary immediately dig in and get to work re-hydrating the pigs. Mary isn’t afraid to get dirty. Afterward, Mr Blake starts a mudfight… Tensions have lessened indeed. Ivy finds the filthy couple in the kitchen eating scrambled eggs and drinking wine in the wee hours. She doesn’t know what to think!

Lady Mary and Mr Blake sling mud at each other, what fun...

Molesley is onto Baxter and Thomas…

The hunt is still on for the disappearing editor Michael Gregson. Edith visits London to have an abortion. Rosamind goes with Edith to the doctor but Edith changes her mind and decides to keep the baby.

Lady Edith at the doctor's office with Rosamind

Rose accompanies Edith to London so she can spend time with Jack Ross. They go for a boat ride and share a kiss.

Nothing like a kiss on a rowboat

Alfred writes a letter from London to say he’s coming for a visit. Ivy is excited and Daisy is annoyed by Ivy’s newfound interest in Alfred once she discovered Jimmy is a cad. Mrs Hughes and Mrs Patmore don’t want Alfred to visit and stir up any more heartbreak downstairs. Carson puts Alfred up at the pub saying Downton is under siege with the flu, but Alfred drops by anyway in the morning, stirring it up. Ivy gives him hope for the future…

Branson goes to hear a Liberal MP speaker, trying to revive his passionate political days but he may revive his romantic passion instead…

Another shot at love for the socialist chauffeur?

Countess Violet becomes ill with bronchitis. Isobel nurses her back to health, selflessly forgoing food and sleep. During her illness, Violet is delirious and insists on a new nurse, saying Isobel talks too much, like a drunken vicar. Once recovered, Violet doesn’t remember it was Isobel who cared for her tirelessly until Dr. Clarkson tells her.

Isobel tends to a delirious Countess Violet

Mary finds herself with three admirers at Downton: Lord Gillingham, Evelyn Napier and Mr. Blake (who seems to throw his hat into the ring after their pig rescue operation.)

And with Lord Gillingham arrives rapist valet Green, all fun and games with the staff. Mrs Hughes and Green have a dark exchange. Bates seems to be onto Green too….

Oh oh, we've seen this look before from Bates. It almost got him hung!

Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Lord Grantham: I know plenty relatives of English Earls who belong in jail

Lord Grantham: You do know the Americans have a correct uniform for practically every activity known to man.

Lady Mary: I’ve been married, I know everything.

Countess Violet: The arrival of the pigs and the departure of their master.

Edith: Mr Blake is not under Mary’s spell.

Countess Violet: Try not to let those Yankees drive you mad.

Eveylyn Napier (to Mary): Charles thinks I’m blind where you’re concerned.

Carson: You’re quite a plotter when you want to be aren’t you.
Mrs Hughes: It’s a skill all women must learn.

Ladies who lunch in London

Lady Rosamind: I refuse to be shocked.

Edith (to Rose): Why can’t you just fit in for once.

Mrs Patmore: I do grudge him the tears and the heartbreak that will flavour my puddings for weeks to come.

Violet: Dr Clarkson when you go can you please take that mad woman with you.

Dr. Clarkson: You’ll be rewarded in heaven.
Violet: The sooner the better.

Mrs Hughes (to Green): If you value your life I should stop playing the joker and keep to the shadows.