Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 5

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Bates Downton Abbey

Bates gets his murder-y look again

Bates waits downstairs for Anna to arrive to work from upstairs. Anna’s moved out of the cottage and back into the house. Things are still very strained and unhappy between the former lovebirds. Mrs Hughes pushes Anna to tell the truth about her rape. Bates overhears their conversation, but he still doesn’t know exactly what’s going on. Bates gets that murder-y look again. Bates confronts Mrs Hughes and she finally spills the beans, but says the rapist is unknown, someone random who waited downstairs. Anna and Bates make up and she moves back to the cottage. Bates wants revenge and we see his evil side resurface.

Bates and Anna, Downton Abbey

The lovebirds are happy again, for now...

Daisy helps Alfred train for his admittance test for the Ritz cooking school. She feels like she’s helping him leave Downton, but Mrs Patmore encourages Daisy to do the right thing. Since everyone is so sure Alfred will be accepted, Carson offers Molesley the job of footman. Molesley wants time to think about it, much to Carson’s surprise. Molesley doesn’t want to make his ‘fall’ permanent. Carson isn’t impressed. After Alfred is not accepted to the Ritz, Molesley accepts the job, but Carson tells him it’s no longer available. He who hesitates remains unemployed…

Alfred Downton Abbey

Alfred takes his test at the Ritz in London

Lady Cora is ever so pleased with the new lady maid Baxter. However, Baxter and Thomas have a secret alliance. Thomas wants Baxter to befriend everyone upstairs and down, gathering information to keep Thomas in the loop.

New lady maid Baxter serves Cora some heavenly orange juice

The engagement is announced between Lord Gillingham and Mabel. Mary has mixed feelings. She sheds a tear while writing Lord Gillingham a letter of congratulation.

Lady Mary cries, Downton Abbey

Lady Mary has mixed feelings about Lord Gillingham's engagment

Mrs Patmore doesn’t like Baxter’s fancy electric sewing machine, perceiving yet another threat of modernity. Mrs Patmore is further flummoxed when Lady Cora explains about the new refrigerator arriving to Downton.

Isobel continues to spend time with Dr. Clarkson. He keeps Isobel busy with projects like finding employment for a young fellow named John. Isobel bullies Violet into hiring him as a gardener. But when Violet’s fancy letter opener goes missing, Violet blames the new gardener. She discusses it at length with Isobel and Dr. Clarkson.

Edith waits for a letter from Michael but nothing arrives. He’s vanished into thin air. Has he abandoned her now that he’s got his wicked way, as Lady Rosamund predicted? Edith tells everyone she’s going to visit Michael’s office in London, but she really goes to see a doctor instead. Is Edith pregnant?

Branson and baby Sybil, Downton Abbey

Will we lose hunky Branson to America?

Branson still feels like an outsider and talks about moving to America with baby Sybil for a fresh start.

Tom and Mary make plans to foreclose the lease on a recently deceased tenant and farm the land themselves. Lord Grantham attends the funeral where the handsome broody son advises Lord Grantham he wants to take over the tenancy. Lord Grantham tells the son, Mr. Drew, that it’s too late. But Mr. Drew reminds Lord Grantham of their families’ long history. Lord Grantham agrees to let him stay and loans him the arrears without telling Branson and Lady Mary. Robert wants Mary to tell Mr. Drew the news, that he’s allowed to stay. She discovers Lord Grantham’s paid the arrears, but she thinks it’s a kind gesture.

Lady Mary and Mr Drew

This is a big storyline for Mr Drew to just disappear...

Mary’s old suitor Evelyn Napier arrives back on the scene. He’s doing research for the government on the nation’s failing estates. The family insists he stay at Downton so they can mine him for knowledge about how they should proceed at Downton Abbey.


Quotes from Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 5

Baxter Lady Maid Downton Abbey

Baxter arrives with an electric sewing machine, wowza!

Bates: My life is perfect. And then in space of one day it is nothing. To me that requires an explanation.

Lady Mary: The world moves on and we must move with it.

Thomas Barrow: Mrs Patmore is not what you’d call a futurist.

Countess Violet: I wonder your halo doesn’t grow heavy. It must be like wearing a tiara around the clock.

Countess Violet: The only poet peer I am familiar with is Lord Byron and I presume we all know how that ended.

Lady Cora: Mrs Patmore, is there any aspect of the present day that you can accept without resistance?

Countess Violet: Wars have been waged with less fervour.

Countess Violet: Nobody cares as much about anything as you do.