Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 4

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Forlorn figure on Downton Estate

A lady in black wanders the grounds of Downton Abbey. We are never sure if it’s a distressed Anna or thoughtful Lady Mary…

Anna downton AbbeyAnna is still very visibly shaken. Everyone knows Anna isn’t herself. The weekend guests leave Downton, but valet Mr. Green has the nerve to eat breakfast with the staff like nothing’s happened. Anna blames herself for the rape and asks Mrs Hughes if she can move back upstairs. Anna recoils at Bates’ touch. He can tell something is wrong. Mrs Hughes wants her to go to the police, but Anna fears Bates’ will kill Green and be hanged. Bates tells Anna he knows something’s happened and he will find out what it is. Lord Grantham counsels Bates to be patient, that his love is strong.

Valet Gillingham

The valet lets Carson know he had a great time at Downton, ugh!

Edna corners Branson

Edna corners Branson about their dalliance. Branson is embarrassed, admitting he drank too much. Thomas Barrow overhears the exchange. Edna comes at Branson again, suggesting she might be pregnant. Upwardly mobile Edna asks Branson to promise he’ll marry her if she’s pregnant. Mary can see Branson is troubled by something. Branson wants to confess but can’t. He finally confesses to Mrs Hughes – she calls it a sordid tale. However, Mrs Hughes proves Edna isn’t pregnant and runs her off Downton. Branson is relieved and Thomas Barrow is delighted she’s gone.

The doctor asks Isobel to help him with a new medical clinic. Isobel agrees to help, starting to make some progress toward the land of the living.

Jack Ross on Downton Abbey

Finally, the jazz singer we've all been waiting for, Jack Ross

Mary and Branson have a meeting in London to deal with matters of the estate. Rose wants to tag along, never one to miss some excitement. Rose, Mary, Branson and Anna stay at Lady Rosamind’s house in London. Rosamind organizes a little surprise party and invites Lord Gillingham and Sir John, Rose’s suitor of sorts. Lady Mary is surprised but pleased to see Tony Gillingham.

Lady Mary and Lord Gillingham

More dancing for Lady Mary and Lord Gillingham

An evening of fun ensues at the Lotus Club in London, with singer Jack Ross entertaining the Downton gang. Lady Mary and Tony dance and talk. Tony presses Mary for answers, but she says she’s not ready yet. Sir John is drunk while dancing with Rose. He leaves to vomit and Jack Ross steps in to dance with Rose. Branson comes to the rescue, because it wouldn’t be proper to dance with a black bandleader.

Jack Ross to the rescue

Once the gang of merrymakers return to London, Lord Gillingham makes a surprise visit to Downton Abbey. He proposes to Lady Mary. Everyone at Downton wonders why Lord Gillingham is back so soon. Ultimately Mary says no, because Matthew still fills her head. But she gives Tony a passionate kiss goodbye. She confides to Branson that she already regrets saying no….

Lady Mary and Lord Gillingham kiss

A beautiful kiss on the grounds of Downton

Violet and Isobel chat near the church and Violet wonders if Isobel is saddened by Mary’s ability to come alive again. Violet tells Isobel: “I hope you find a way to make friends with the world again.”

Ivy improves her cooking skills because she wants a skill. Jimmy tells Ivy all he wants is to drink champagne and have a good time. He takes Ivy for a spin round the kitchen floor. Jimmy seems to like Ivy. Alfred catches them kissing in the bootroom. Alfred finds an ad for free training at the Ritz in London. He wants to apply and become a chef. Mrs Patmore encourages Daisy to help Alfred, saying it’s better they part friends.

Mrs Hughes and Carson reminisce about Carson’s lady love, Ann. Mrs Hughes gives Carson a framed photo of his lady love to remember her by. Mrs Hughes also says the photo will help remind staff that Carson is human.

Edith and Micheal spend the night together...

Lady Edith spends time with Michael Gregson in London. He’s off to Munich soon to become German. He wants Lady Edith to look after his affairs. They spend a ‘quiet’ night in together. Edith returns to Rosamind’s house at 6am, caught by the maid. Lady Rosamind gives Edith a very serious talking to about her reputation and gambling with her future.

Quotes from Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 4

Carson: I always think there’s something very foreign about high spirits at breakfast.

Lady Mary: Don’t be transparent Mama, it doesn’t suit you.

Branson: I am already full of regrets. There is nothing but regret in me.

Lady Edith: Poor Aunt Rosamind, we use her like a hotel.

Anna: We live together, we work together. Sometimes I think it’s just too much.

Anna:  Better a broken heart than a broken neck.

Lord Gillingham: I hope I’m a surprise and not a shock… Don’t punish me for wanting to see you again.

Lady Mary and Lord Gillingham

Tony has a question for Lady Mary

Lady Mary: Tonight you’ve made me play truant and I like it.

Mrs. Patmore: Sometimes you can spend too long on a one sided love.

Lady Rosamind: Things have come to a pretty pass when you have to be rescued by a black band leader.

Edna Braithwaite: There will come a day when you’ll be glad you kept in with me.

Bates: Kiss me please. Or tell me what’s happened. One or the other.

Lord Gillingham: I made a long journey to ask a short question. Will you marry me?

Lord Grantham: Are we living under a curse, doomed to lose our ladies’ maids at regular intervals?

Lord Mary: Honestly papa, Edith is about as mysterious as a bucket.

Countess Violet: She is a good woman. And while the phrase is enough to set my teeth on edge, there are moments when her virtue demands admiration.

Isobel and Violet become friends of sorts

Mrs. Hughes: We were mad as hatters to let her (Edna) back in the house

Lord Grantham: There is no such thing as a marriage between two intelligent people that does not sometimes have to negotiate thin ice.