Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 7

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Anna and Bates reuinte

Reunited and it feels so good...

Bates is FINALLY released from prison, a tearjerking scene between Anna and Bates ensues. Bates is greeted warmly by everyone downstairs except Thomas of course. Upstairs, Lord Grantham offers Bates a cottage and tells him to relax until he sorts out the Thomas situation.

The newspaper editor writes to Edith again, repeating his offer. Lord Grantham doesn’t want Matthew to encourage Edith’s odd pursuits. Edith meets with Violet for help. Edith travels to London to meet the newspaper editor and they get along famously. He invites Edith for lunch where accepts the position. Over lunch, Edith also tells the editor she was jilted at the altar. A love connection between the two is hinted at.

Edith and the newspaper editor

A love connection?

Robert Grantham is still testy about the estate and Matthew’s new ideas. The meeting with Jarvis doesn’t go well. Matthew wants to implement modern methods but the other two are resistant to change. Matthew invites Murray to Downton to explain Matthew’s plans to Lord Grantham. As talk turns to farming, we learn Branson knows a thing or two about working the land. Jarvis thinks he’s being accused of malfeasance and corruption when Matthew calls the estate wasteful. Change is not welcome and Jarvis resigns after 40 years of service. Violet has the best idea yet: put Branson in charge as the agent. Lord Grantham agrees.

Countess Dowager Violet

That withering look

Violet doesn’t think it’s a good idea to have Edith working at Crawley House. Ethel is mistreated in the village and a constant topic of scandal. While Edith is in London, at Violet’s bequest, Edith places an employment ad for Ethel in a Ladies’ journal. Isobel fumes when she learns they’ve all gone behind her back, but agrees to talk to Ethel. Mrs. Hughes also feels Ethel would be happier without reenacting the Scarlett Letter for the rest of her life in the village.

Branson arranged to have baby Sybil christened at the Catholic church in Rippen. He asks Mary to be godmother. Tom’s brother, ‘a diamond in the rough’ arrives and they find him in the servant’s call causing much merriment. He’d rather dine below, but Branson insists he come upstairs. The entire family is convinced to attend the christening, despite its Catholic nature.

Crawleys at Christening

A nice family portrait

Matthew worries about his fertility, again.

O’Brien tells Thomas that Jimmy has a crush on him, her latest evil plan to oust her one time collaborator. Tom chats Jimmy up late at night in the servants’ hall. Ivy and Alfred go to the pictures with a couple of other kitchen maids. Alfred wants to make their outings a regular thing, but Ivy has the hots for Jimmy. Alfred wonders if things would change if Ivy knew Jimmy isn’t interested in her. Thomas tries kiss Jimmy while he’s sleeping, but Alfred comes home and walks in on them. Jimmy gets angry threatens Thomas, but the kiss might have gone either way. None of it is mentioned at the breakfast table, but Jimmy redoubles his efforts to look manly and brazenly flirts with Ivy, much to Carson’s objection. O’Brien convinces Alfred to tell Carson what happened. Carson loses it and says Thomas should be horsewhipped. His fate hangs in the balance…

Thomas kisses Jimmy

Methinks you doth protest too loudly...


Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Anna and Bates kiss

Anna and Bates sneak in a little smooch

Carson: “Welcome back Mr. Bates. I have waited a long time to say that. ”

Violet: “Ethel is notorious in the village.”

Violet: “And is poor Ethel to be the cudgel by which you fight your foes?”

Ethel: “These days a working lady must have a skill.”
Violet: “But you seem to have so many…”

Matthew: “Downton Abbey must be self supporting if it’s to have a chance of survival.”

Mary: “Please give them a chance to behave properly.”

Violet: “I do think a woman’s place is eventually in the home, but I see no harm in her having some fun before she gets there.”
Edith: “Oh Granny, thank you…”
Isobel: “Have you changed your pills?”

Violet: “Now now, if Branson is watering down his revolutionary fervour, let us give thanks.”

Jarvis: “I am the old broom Mr. Crawley. You are the new. I wish you luck with your sweeping.”

Lord Grantham: “I went to a mass once in Rome, it was more like a gymnastic display.”

Edith: “Listen everyone. You have a journalist in the family…”
Violet: “Since we have a country solicitor, and a car mechanic, it’s only a matter of time…”

Violet: “You’ve been reading those communist newspapers again.”

Carson: “We can always rely on your aunt to take the ungenerous view.”

Violet: “You cannot want your only grandchild to grow up in a garage with that drunken gorilla.”

Cora: “What’s the matter Robert. Are you afraid you’ll be converted when you’re not looking?”

Robert, Violet and baby Sybil