Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 6

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Downton mouns the loss of Sybil

Downton is well dressed for mourning

We open with Downton in mourning for Sybil, everyone dressed in their finest black silks and satins. Cora persists in giving Lord Grantham the cold shoulder and no bedroom privileges. Violet learns of the fractured relationship and sets things right between Cora and Lord Grantham with a visit from Dr. Clarkson to explain he couldn’t have prevented Sybil’s death. Violet has urged him to tell this little white lie.

Bates threatens Craig with a hook

Bates puts on his murdery face, again.

Mary asks Anna about Bates – good news is desperately needed at Downton Abbey. Craig and the nasty prison card get to Mrs. Bartlett before Murray the lawyer and she changes her story from Anna’s version. With Craig and the prison guard lording Bates latest disappointment over him, Anna tells Bates not to do anything stupid. Regardless, Bates corners Craig and shows him his murdery side by sticking a hook in his face. Mrs. Barlett reconsider and it looks like Bates is coming home.

Lunch at Crawley house

The ladies are aghast at Robert's behaviour

Isobel suggests a lunch party for Lady Grantham and the girls. Ethel’s cooking hasn’t improved much so she enlists Mrs Patmore to help her out on the big day. Isobel wants Ethel to keep it simple… Carson sees Mrs. Patmore emerging from Isobel’s house after he’s given everyone strict orders to stay away from Crawley house. He confronts Mrs Patmore and asks why she wants to spend her time frolicking with prostitutes. Mrs. Patmore says, “Do I look like a frolicker?” Carson takes the news to Robert who storms Crawley house demanding everyone leave to avoid scandal. The ladies take Ethel’s former profession in stride and do not leave. Robert storms out, cast as the fuddy duddy again. Mrs. Hughes says she might also visit Crawley house and Carson is truly disappointed in her.

Branson announces that baby Sybil will be Catholic. Mary takes Branson’s side. Mr Travis comes to dinner and makes his views on Catholicism clear. Mary and Isobel, The liberal Crawleys, Mary and Isobel, gang up on Mr Travis. Carson, staunch butler that he is, reveals his anti Catholic streak when talk turns to religion downstairs.

Daisy at the farm

"A proper heiress"

Daisy spends her day off at Mr. Mason’s farm. He makes it clear he wants Daisy to inherit and run the farm. Mason tells Daisy she could make all sorts of food and sell it at the fairs. He asks her to live with him so he can teach her the way to run the farm. Daisy is undecided but Mrs Patmore calls her a proper heiress.

Matthew is still concerned about the running of the estate. He tells Robert the capital of the estate is leaking into the cracks because of bad management. Robert avoids all conversations about the estate and resents the implication that a fool and his money are soon parted. Even thought Matthew never said as much.

Hormones run amok downstairs, as usual. Daisy is still crushing on Alfred and teaches him the foxtrot, not knowing he’s wants to use his dance moves on Ivy. Jimmy comes along and gets in on the action and takes Daisy for a spin. Carson catches them dancing and everyone gets a proper dressing down about decorum and dignity. Thomas persists in being rather handsy with Jimmy, even thought it’s quite clear Jimmy is not interested. O’Brien is at her most evil, clearly plotting for a fallout between the two men.

Daisy, Jimmy and Alfred get in trouble from Carson

There will be no fun at Downton Abbey!


Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Tom Branson: “My wife is dead, I’m past help.”

Violet: “Grief makes one so terribly tired.”

Grieving Lady Cora

Cora grieves...

Cora: “You believed Tapsell because he’s knighted, and fashionable, and has a practise in Harley Street. You let all that nonsense weigh against saving our daughter’s life which is what I find so very hard to forgive.”

Tom Branson: “My daughter is Irish and she’ll be Catholic like her father.”

Lord Grantham: “There hasn’t been a Catholic Crawley since the reformation.”

Violet: “Robert, people like us are never unhappily married.”


Violet: “I do not speak much of the heart since it is seldom helpful to do so, but I know well enough the pain when it is broken.”

Daisy: “No farmer’s his own boss. He takes his orders from the sun, the wind, the snow and the rain.”

Mrs. Patmore: “Anyone who has use of their limbs can make a salmon mousse.”

Violet: “Do I count as one of the girls?”

Violet: “I doubt Mr. Travis has much of an eye for fashion.”

Mrs. Patmore: “You know the trouble with you lot is that you’re all in love with the wrong people.”

Mr. Mason: “You have 40 years of work ahead of you. Do you think these great houses like Downton Abbey are going to go on just as they are for another 40 years.”

Dowager Countess

Dowager Grantham dispenses advice of the heart

Violet: “Lie is so unmusical a word.”

Isobel: “I don’t understand. I can smell cooking!”

Violet: “Well of course these days servants are very hard to find.”

Violet: “I suppose she has an appropriate costume for every activity.”

Violet: “It seems a pity to miss such a good pudding.”

Robert: “I keep forgetting she’s gone. I see things in the paper that would make her laugh. I come inside to tell her that her favourite rose is in bloom. And then suddenly…”
Mary: “Say that to mama, please…”