Christmas Special Preview 2011

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What follows are merely teasers for the Downton Abbey Christmas Special. If you want spoilers, read the episode guide for the Downton Abbey Christmas Special. Or check out our Downton Abbey Christmas Special Quotes.

In the US, Season Two of Downton Abbey wrapped up, finally sating viewers hungry for dramatic resolution. The Downton Abbey Christmas special is as satisfying as cold Veuve Clicquot and warm popcorn. It’s pure period drama heaven.

The trial of Mr. Bates hangs over the festive season at Downton Abbey. This guy can’t catch a break when it comes to his conniving ex wife. She ensures Bates suffers even after she’s hit the floor. There are dark scenes of a stoic Bates locked in his cell. Anna pays him a heart wrenching visit in jail. The character references at his trial are damning. Will Bates slip through the hang man’s noose on Christmas or live another day?

Mr Bates on Trial

The brave Mr Bates is on trial for his life

In the Christmas Special, even Isis has a plot line. Thomas wants to earn the trust of Lord Grantham back with an eye to Bates’ job. The advice of O’Brian is “Make him grateful. Do him a good turn. Hide something he loves and find it and give it back”…

There’s more of Daisy berating herself over William, but a Ouiga board leads Daisy out of her guilt…

News arrives from Dublin. Sybil is knocked up. Lord Grantham despairs at the thought of a Fenian grandchild but Lady Mary says it could be useful to have a connection on the other side during a revolution.

Lady Violet meddles in Edith’s affairs of the heart by inviting Anthony Strallan over for tea. An awkward and goofy reunion ensues with much nervous twittering and earnest conversation…

Downton Abbey Hunting Party

Doesn't everyone look dashing in their hunting gear?

Sir Richard is acting the usual ass. He complains about the servants having time off, belittles the game of charades, and throws a temper tantrum during the hunt. But most importantly, he demands Mary set a date. Sir Richard Carlisle has a fist fight and leaves the morning after, but what happens next? Can Matthew, Downton’s answer to Ryan Gosling, finally get over the memory of Lavinia?

As for the star of Downton Abbey, Countess Violet gets some real zingers in the script. The gift exchange between Cousin Isobel and Lady Grantham is gold. In one of her finer moments, Isobel implies Count Violet is a bit of a ball buster. And that’s putting it mildly.

The Downton Abbey Christmas Special is a delicious 90 minutes long. Make it an event because it’s not to be missed.