Phyllis Logan

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Born January 11, 1956 (Capricorn)

Phyllis LoganPhyllis Logan is relieved she doesn’t look like Mrs. Hughes in real life. To play her Downton Abbey character, Logan wears no makeup, dons a wig and lets her eyebrows grow out. She says HD tv is also very unforgiving when it comes to wrinkles. Phyllis Logan is married to actor Kevin McNally, best known for his role of Gibbs in Pirates of the Caribbean, all four parts. Imagine Logan’s surprise when her husband landed a role on Downton Abbey playing the stern Mr. Bryant, grandfather of Ethel’s illegitimate child.

Hailing from Scotland, Logan started working on the stage in Edinburgh in 1979 and then regularly on Scottish television. Many remember Phyllis from TV hit show Lovejoy as Lady Jane Felsham and in the Mike Leigh film Secrets & Lies. Logan also played Frost’s love interest in If Dogs Run Free, the last story in the A Touch of Frost series, and marries him. Phyllis Logan has appeared in all three seasons of Downton Abbey. She thought the show would have a modicum of success, but never could have predicted it would become a massive global hit.