Matthew Milne

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Born in 1990…

Matt Milne

Alfred's first love interest on Downton Abbey

Everyone was hoping for a new footman on Downton Abbey after the death of loveable William. And along came Matthew Milne with the role of Alfred Nugent. Milne plays the object of Daisy’s affection and the niece of long time schemer, O’Brien. Matt Milne performed in Jesus Christ Superstar while at college in 2007, but it doesn’t look like big roles are going to be a problem for this up and comer.

The star of Steven Speilberg’s epic movie War Horse was plucked out of nothing at 21 after a successful audition riffing about farming. He had not completed his undergraduate drama studies at the University of East Anglia and needed permission for time off to finish filming War Horse. Milne also landed a role in Warner Brothers’ Wrath of the Titans alongside fellow Downton actor, Lily James.