Joanne Froggatt

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Born August 21, 1980 (Leo)

Joanne Froggatt

Joanne Froggatt lets her hair down

Joanne Froggatt’s character Anna has earned lots of male admiration because of her undying loyalty and no nonsense attitude toward life. She recently married real life partner director James Cannon. Froggatt wasn’t always so sure about an acting career. She was working at WHSMiths in Scarborough when she was invited to audition for Coronation Street. Froggatt landed the role of Zoe Tattersall from 1997 to 1998. Incidentally, the character was only the 10th woman to give birth on Corrie, an oddity since the show’s been a going concern since 1960.

Joanne Frogatt was born in North Yorkshire, so she comes by playing a Yorkshire native honestly. Joanne started drama school at the age of 13. She was eventually cast in the role of a teenage prostitute in “The Bill”. Froggaft earned a BAFTA award nomination for Best Single Drama. She playing the leading role in the controversial drama, Danielle Cable: Eyewitness, based on the true story of a teenage girl who witnessed her boyfriend’s murder in a road rage attack. Joanne Froggaft actually met with Danielle Cable in witness protection to research the part.