Cara Theobold

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Cara Theobold Downton Abbey

Not bad for her first job!

Cara Theobold auditioned for one part in her life and got it. She plays Ivy the kitchen maid on Downton Abbey. She may be at the bottom of the rung of Downton Abbey’s staff, but she landed a plum role on one of television’s most popular shows. Theobold left her final year of drama school early and started on Downton Abbey right way. She has no professional experience and considers this the job of a lifetime.

Theobold, from Wakefield, plays Daisy’s replacement. Cara Theobold found out she got the recall in December 2011 and spent Christmas holidays with her family on tenterhooks because her parents are such massive fans of Downton Abbey. After a few more rounds, she got the part. Theobold says the cast of Downton make her feel right welcome and right at home. Playing Ivy, she’s learned how to make jam, whisk and shell peas.