Allen Leech

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Born May 18, 1981 (Taurus)

Allen Leech

Looking for a roll in the hay?

Hailing from Killiney in Dublin, Allen Leech comes by his Irish accent honestly. The Irish stage, television and film actor is best known these days as the dashing revolutionary chauffeur and Lady husband on Downton Abbey. Allen Leech admits it’s been harder then he thought to come to terms with his new found celebrity. In 2005, Leech was voted sexiest Irish male in U Magazine. Leech started filming Downton four years ago. Originally, he was only opted in for one series, but Julian Fellowes saw something in the actor and changed his character from Yorkshire to Irish born. Fellowes and Allen Leech first met when Fellowes cast him for the movie From Time To Time in 2009.

Before Downton fame, Leech was best known for his role as Marcus Agrippa, Octavian’s top soldier and friend, in the 2007 HBO television series Rome. Leech’s first real stage role was at the Gate in their production of A Streetcar Named Desire. He was the gentleman caller to Frances McDormand’s Blanche Dubois. At 16, Leech didn’t realize the implications of the Coen brothers walking around back stage of the production. In 2010, Leech appeared in The Tudors as the doomed Francis Dereham, former lover of Catherine Howard. But now with his promotion to “Upstairs” on Downton, he doesn’t have to worry about driving all those classic cars while speaking his lines anymore. And his female fan club is eager to hear what the upgraded Branson has to say…